Treasure Coast Magic Mushrooms


Treasure Coast Magic Mushrooms were discovered on the Gulf Coast of Southern Florida. The phrase “Treasure Coast” refers to Florida’s Atlantic Coast, however our mushrooms are from the Gulf Coast (eastern). Mr. G, an infamous mycologist in the underground shroom world, popularized this magical mushroom variety.

Treasure Coast Cubensis has been described to have a very strong and intense start before becoming more cool as the high kicks in. Treasure Coast is also said to deliver more images.

After 10-30 minutes of taking Treasure Coast mushrooms, you will sense happiness and excitement in your mood. You will get modest to significant visual enhancements depending on the dosage. Things may appear to be breathing, the environment around you may feel more alive, and you may find yourself in contemplative meditation.

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Buy Treasure Coast Mushrooms are a subspecies of Psilocybe cubensis. The strain was first harvested from Florida’s east coast, sometimes known as the Treasure Coast. The exact location on the seashore is unknown, and no information is available regarding the mycologist or hobbyist who first collected and isolated the strain.

The Treasure Coast Magic Mushrooms For Sale is available in two varieties: the original TC and an albino (leucistic) variety. This strain’s potency is sometimes described as being extremely high — but quantitative testing suggests it’s more likely on par with ordinary strains like Golden Teacher or Koh Samui.

Buy Treasure Coast Shroom Specs

PotencyAverage 🍄
SpeciesPsilocybe cubensis
Substrate RecommendationRye Grain or Brown Rice Flour
Sold ByRalphsters Spores, Sporeworks, Spores 101, Premium Spores

Treasure Coast Mushrooms Potency & Psilocybin Content

The Treasure Coast Mushrooms variety has average potency – it’s not weak, but it’s also not overpowering. The most usual dosing range for this mushroom is 2-3 gram.

Many online accounts say that the Treasure Coast Mushrooms is roughly twice as potent as typical strains like Golden Teachers — however, we haven’t found this to be really accurate. While quantitative evidence is scarce, it supports the notion that these mushrooms are about as average as they come.

Two independent samples submitted to the Psilocybin Cup for testing, for example, yielded an average of 0.59% psilocybin and 0.08% psilocin — for a total tryptamine concentration of 0.67%. This puts them right in the middle of the average (0.5% to 0.9%) range.

The most potent sample contains 0.69% total tryptamines by dried weight. Very strong cubes can test as high as 3.8% (Tidal Wave currently holds the record).

Treasure Coast Mushrooms Variations & Genetic Relatives

As previously stated, there is just one Treasure Coast strain variety that is well-known in the magic mushroom community: the Albino Treasure Coast strain.

The albino variant looks nearly identical to the parent strain, but the stems and caps are completely white rather than the caramel color you’d anticipate. The potency is comparable.

The F+ strain is another strain from Florida that is thought to be a natural relative of the Treasure Coast strain. This strain was obtained somewhere in Florida, although the exact location and mycologist who isolated it remain unknown. This strain is unpopular, maybe due to its moniker, which implies it is poor in potency.

Where to Buy Treasure Coast Shroom Spores

If you live in the United States, you’ll have little trouble finding the Treasure Coast strain. These genetics are available from Ralphster’s Spores, Sporeworks, and Premium Spores.

Spores 101 is one of the few stores in Canada that sells this strain. If you live in Europe, check out Viking Spore, Kosmic Kitchen, and The Magic Mushroom Shop.

How to Grow Treasure Coast Shrooms

In most cases, the Treasure Coast strain produces small but potent fruiting bodies, with shrooms averaging two to five inches tall and crowns spanning up to one inch. However, you can occasionally have fruiting bodies that grow up to 10 inches tall.

Because this strain colonizes quickly, it is resistant to mold and disease. It’s a superfruitful plant, but only if you get past the first flush. It has a tendency to abort before this phase, making this strain difficult for new cultivators.

If you can get past the first flush, which is normally quite small, the second and third flushes will be considerably larger, delivering a nice payback for your patience. Check out our magic mushroom cultivation tour for a detailed instruction on growing cubensis strains.

Similar Strains

If you can’t get your hands on the Treasure Coast strain, or you love this variety and want something similar, the below strains are great options for you.

A+ Strain

Mr. G, one of the more well-known mycologists in the magic mushroom community, created the A+ strain. This variety has a similar potency as the Treasure Coast strain but is significantly easier to cultivate, making it appropriate for both novice and experienced growers.

Albino Treasure Coast

Of course, if you want something similar in terms of strength and cultivation complexity but want something a little more distinctive, the Albino Treasure Coast variety is an excellent option. These leucistic mushrooms are beautiful to look at and contain the same amount of psilocybin as the parent strain.


Dixieland shrooms are named after the Southern United States region where the strain was discovered. They’re thought to have started in Mississippi. They have a similar potency as Treasure Coast shrooms and have long, thin stems and bulbous crowns. They are, however, better suited to inexperienced growers.

Golden Teacher

Some magic mushroom users equate the Treasure Coast strain’s power to Golden Teachers, the most well-known variety accessible. This strain is similarly thought to have originated in the Gulf region of the United States, however the precise site is unknown.


P. Menace, a well-known Shroomery forum user, first collected the Menace strain. This strain is from Houston, Texas, yet it has the same potency as the Treasure Coast strain.

Strains vs. Species: What’s The Difference?

The word “strain” is used to define a distinguishable variety within a species that exhibits unique characteristics throughout multiple generations. These traits may include both physical appearance and chemical makeup. Different strains of the same species can reproduce, but two organisms from a separate species cannot.

Examples of species and strains: 

Psilocybe cubensis
Psilocybe azurescens
Psilocybe cyanescens
Panaeolus cyanescens
Panaeouls tropicalis
Gymnopilus aeruginosus
Gymnopilus purpuratus
Pluteus villosus
Blue Meanies (Psilocybe cubensis)
Aztec God (Psilocybe cubensis)
Penis Envy (Psilocybe cubensis)
Yeti (Psilocybe cubensis)
Stargazer (Psilocybe cubensis)
Amazon (Psilocybe cubensis)
Dixieland (Psilocybe cubensis)
Golden Emperor (Psilocybe cubensis)

There are many different strains of magic mushrooms spanning several genera — yet the vast majority of magic mushroom “strains” refers specifically to varieties of psilocybe cubensis.

Final Thoughts On Treasure Coast Shrooms For Sale

The Treasure Coast shroom strain is one that we don’t know much about as a magic mushroom community. It was collected from the eastern coast of Florida, part of which is referred to as the Treasure Coast, but there is no information about who collected and isolated it.

The strain is best known for its high potency, which rivals many other top psilocybin producers and pales in comparison only to a select few, including Penis Envy. The strain is challenging to cultivate, given the high risk of pin aborts (mushrooms that start forming but don’t finish). If you can make it past the first flush, you’re in for a massive yield.

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