Panaeolus Cyanescens Grow Kit


Everything you need to cultivate Hawaiian Copelandia cyanescens mushrooms on your own is included in this all-in-one grow kit. All you have to do to grow the mushrooms yourself is add water and follow the directions. The mushroom has a grow bag, air filters, and two paper clips.

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Panaeolus Cyanescens Grow Kit, USA

One of the strongest mushrooms in the world is the Copelandia mushroom (Panaeolus Cyanescens Grow Kit or Copelandia cyanescens).

It is believed to be Asian in origin and may have traveled to Hawaii in the 1800s on livestock from the Philippines. For this reason, it is occasionally called the Hawaiian Mushroom.

Where they Grow

Magic mushrooms of the species Copelandia Cyanescens are not limited to Hawaii! In addition, they are grown in the USA, Southeast Asia, Mexico, Bolivia, Brazil, Australia, Bali, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Although it prefers to grow on dung, this small mushroom can also be found in grassy areas after recently applied manure.

Panaeolus Cyanescens Grow Kit Characteristics

  • Cap: 2–4.5 cm in width, smooth surface, brown, fading to yellow-brown or buff, thin flesh.
  • Bruising: blue-green or blue.
  • Body: 3-6 cm tall, 3-6 mm thick, smooth to silky.

Magic Mushroom Growing Kit (Copelandia Cyanescens) – Hawaiian SuperStrain

Would you like to cultivate your own mushrooms? Would you like to grow magic mushrooms with superpowers? similar to those that are incredibly powerful?

Hawaiian Copelandia Cyanescens mushrooms are a potent strain of magic mushrooms renowned for its uplifting effects on the mind and body. For ultra-low intake, we advise keeping with 0.5 grams dried, or roughly 4-5 grams fresh.

Because of their distinct genotype, your first Hawaiian Copelndia Cyanescens trip should be modest potency even if you are a veteran psychonaut to avoid severe confusion. Here, we take things seriously. They have a great deal of strength.

How to grow Copelandia Cyanescens?

The process of growing Hawaiian magic mushrooms differs greatly from that of a standard Cubensis grow kit! We wish you the finest possible harvest of mushrooms. Thus, to get the best outcomes possible, carefully read the following instructions.

Note: Always clean your hands with soap before handling the grow kit or the Mushrooms. Always work in a clean environment.

Step 1

Open the box and take out the contents:

  • The grow kit
  • The grow bag
  • Two boxes of soil
  • One paper clip

Step 2

Wash your hands with soap and remove the lid from the grow kit box. Spread the soil evenly over the grow kit.

Step 3

Make careful to thoroughly wet the top layer of the grow kit and the interior of the bag by spraying with water. Verify that the bag has adequate oxygen before placing the kit inside. Next, use the paper clip to seal the bag.

Step 4

Be sure to spray the kit daily and provide fresh oxygen. It is very important at this stage that the top layer remains moist.

Step 5

Mushrooms appear 6–11 days after the start. At this stage, take the grow kit out of the grow bag, spritz just the interior, and add new air.

Repackage the kit into the grow bag (direct water contact is not recommended for Hawaiian mushrooms).

Step 6

The mushrooms are ready to be harvested five to seven days after they begin to develop. Harvest the mushrooms thirty-six hours after the first black spores start to fall from the caps. Gather the mushrooms by pushing them aside until the stem’s bottom emerges.

Step 7

You can then begin a new harvest after this. To accomplish this, restart at step 3 and go through the complete cycle again.

Maintaining the grow kit’s moisture content and ensuring it receives fresh air on a regular basis are the most crucial tasks.

Remember, this is a far more delicate product than any other mushroom grow kit available on the market: the Copelandia.

What’s inside?

Fully colonized magic mushroom grow kit. 


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