The Original Rye Spawn Bags


The Original Organic Rye Spawn Bags are a classic! Carefully hydrated and enhanced with minerals and PH balance Rye grain has one of the highest nitrogen levels in the grain family, which helps prolong your growth and achieve better 2nd and 3rd flushes

  • Organic Rye Spawn Bags (2)
  • 2 Quarts of Spawn (2.25–2.5 lbs each)
  • Self-healing, high-temperature injection port
  • 3mm Polypropylene bags with 0.22 micron filter patch

Our spawn bags come with their own step-by-step photo guide and videos!

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The Original Rye Spawn Bags

(An Updated Recipe!) Since the 1970s, Midwest Grow Kit’s Original Rye Spawn Bags have been a true classic for mushroom cultivation.

Due to its numerous shell layers and propensity to shield itself from full sterilization, rye is noted for being a difficult crop to prepare.

On the other hand, rye grain contains one of the highest nitrogen levels in the grain family, which helps you extend your growth and produce stronger second and third flushes.

Many sellers will sell and promote grain bags made primarily of millet, which is simple to prepare and sterilize but does not provide long-term nutrition like rye, wheat, or milo/sorghum.

We’ve been dealing with Rye for over 11 years and it’s always been a terrific product, but it has a habit of varying from batch to batch, especially when manufacturing bags larger than 1 pound.

To address this, we recently introduced three new autoclaves to our manufacturing facility that can sterilize at greater pressures/temperatures.

After experimenting with various pressures, we discovered that a 22 psi cycle produces nearly flawless grain. We can sanitize 500–600 bags at a time with our new autoclaves, eliminating practically all human error.

Midwest Grow Kit’s Organic Rye Berry Spawning Bags are an excellent addition to any of our kits; simply inject 3-5 cc’s of your choice grain or dung-loving spores into the self-healing injector port and incubate right next to your jars!

If you need to cultivate a large amount of Rye, our wonderful Rye spawn bags are an excellent choice! Our traditional spawn bags are some of the largest available, holding nearly 2 quarts of spawn.

Each bag contains nutrient-enhanced cereal-grade organic rye berries as well as a combination of distilled and mineral water enriched with gypsum, diammonium phosphate (a nutrient that provides nitrogen release and proper PH) and other nutrient-enhancing herbs and minerals.

Each spawn sack includes a built-in filter patch for gas exchange as well as a high-positioned self-healing injector port for easy and error-free inoculation.

We super-hydrate the grain using a unique technology that produces maximal water retention and then thoroughly dry the grain on our new air carts.

These packs are guaranteed to arrive completely sterile and ready to use! Each spawn bag is machine sealed and pressure sterilized for 180 minutes in our industrial autoclave at 20–22 PSI.

Our spawn bags include a step-by-step pictorial guide as well as links to videos that demonstrate how to inoculate and begin a bulk grow.

We also give a comprehensive step-by-step guide on bulk spawn growing for advanced growers.

3/25/22: We are now shipping our new and better bags! New video links demonstrating how to utilize these bags and begin a bulk grow


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