MyColabs 350W Mushroom Dehydrator With Adjustable Temperature Control


Presenting the Mycolabs Original Mushroom Dehydrator—the first dehydrator made especially to improve the drying process of mushrooms while maintaining their flavor, taste, and potency. You may profit from effectively drying your mushrooms without sacrificing their quality with this creative dehydrator.

Features & Includes:

  • 5 Extra Tall Trays – Spend less time cutting & dicing. Dry your mushrooms whole and preserve their natural size.
  • 350W Conductive heating element with SMART air circulation– 360 degree of circular air flow eliminates hot spots and dries effectively at 95°.
  • BPA Free & Dishwasher safe – Easy clean up and washing
  • Custom Molded Heavy Duty Solid polypropylene Trays- Features a top tray that is double the height for those giant mushrooms!
  • Easy adjustable temperature control knob from 95-165 degrees – Most mushrooms should be dried at 95°-106°, but this dehydrator can also be used for herbs, veggies, spices, jerky, and much more!

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MyColabs 350W Mushroom Dehydrator With Adjustable Temperature Control

Here it is: the MyColabs 350W Mushroom Dehydrator With Adjustable Temperature Control! Quickly dry your mushrooms while maintaining their flavor, taste, and power.

With specially designed, extremely tall trays, you can dry some of the biggest mushrooms you can cultivate without having to chop them up!

A 350W conductive heating element in this Professional Series dehydrator ensures even heating at the lowest setting and removes hot spots. With the assurance that the health advantages and potency of your mushrooms will not be compromised, dry them fast at low heat levels.

The Mycolabs Original Mushroom Dehydrator’s specially sculpted, exceptionally tall trays are one of its best features. It’s not necessary to chop up the largest mushrooms you can grow because these trays are made especially to fit them.

You can keep your mushrooms in their natural shape and enhance their aesthetic appeal by drying them whole. In order to fit the largest of your crop without requiring you to break them up, the upper tray also offers twice the depth!

The 350W conductive heating element of the dehydrator is yet another amazing feature. Even on the lowest level, it ensures even heating throughout the unit and gets rid of hot spots.

This implies that you won’t have to worry about your mushrooms’ potency or health benefits diminishing when you dry them swiftly and effectively at low heat settings.

You may take advantage of the mushrooms’ complete spectrum of health advantages since the delicate drying process preserves the essential nutrients and therapeutic qualities of the fungi.

In addition, the Mycolabs Original Mushroom Dehydrator has several useful features that improve its usability.

All trays will dry evenly thanks to the 360-degree circular air flow provided by the SMART air circulation system. The dehydrator is also dishwasher safe and BPA-free, which makes cleaning and upkeep simple.

The simple adjustable temperature control knob makes regulating the drying temperature a breeze. You have complete control over the drying process to get the desired outcomes by adjusting the temperature between 95 and 165 degrees.


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