The Monster Monsoon Ecosphere Spawn & Casing Package 3.0


For growers that want to use bulk casing to enhance their growing potential, there is the Monster Ecosphere Spawn Bag & Casing Package. With this bundle, you can grow as many mushrooms per square foot as possible!

Convection, infrared heat, and high-density fog technologies are used by the Monster Ecosphere’s climate control system and monsoon humidifier to equally heat and humidify the entire space while getting rid of hot spots and temperature and humidity fluctuations. Pick from our 30 oz. 5 grain jars or our 5 grain spawn packs!

  • The Mushroom Monsoon Ecosphere 3.0 includes:
    • Massive 24.7 cubic feet of interior growing space. 29” X 20” X 75.5” (L X W X H)
    • New-style polyethylene shell with easy zip-and-roll up access
    • 5 shelves: Easy-to-setup steel alloy tubular frame Assembles in minutes. No tools are required!
    • Custom-built Convection Climate Control System
    • 200W light-free Infrared heating element
    • 5″ metal fan with a new brushless motor.
    • Digital Temperature Controller/Thermostat
    • Custom-designed 3-liter Monsoon high-output humidifier
    • 24 Hour programmable Timer for Humidifier System
    • 24 Hour programmable Timer for Lighting System
    • Bluetooth digital thermometer with hygrometer/humidity gauge Keeps track of temperature and humidity history.
    • A new custom-molded heavy-duty 8-mm drip tarp
    • Lava Rocks (1-Quart)
    • 1550 Lumen 16.4FT LED 6000K COB Lighting set
    • 8 Aluminum Grow trays (two per shelf)
    • 16 Peel & Stick Poly filter Disks for proper fresh air exchange
    • Detailed setup instructions with step-by-step photos
    • Instant Access to our library of growing guides for jars and pawns
    • Bags, bulk growing, and much more!

The Monster Monsoon Package includes: 

  • 8 Premium 5-Grain Spawn Bags or 12 32-ounce 5-Grain Jars ($100.00)
  • 6 Select Bulk Casing Mix, -5 pounds ($108.00)
  • 3 Gallons of Vermiculite ($10.00)
  • 8 Aluminum Casing Trays ($15.00)
  • Wireless Smart Thermometer/Hygrometer

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The Monster Monsoon Ecosphere Spawn & Casing Package 3.0

Growing in large quantities can be achieved with the 5-shelf turn-key system, the The Monster Monsoon Ecosphere Spawn & Casing Package 3.0. The Mushroom Ecosphere has very little floor area and offers over 24 cubic feet of interior space because to the use of vertical space.

With the Ecosphere, you may grow many plants in one comprehensive setup with five stages of growth chamber that are all configurable! containing every grain and substrate required to cultivate more than 60–70 dry ounces of your preferred mushroom!

For bulk growing to be as successful as possible, high humidity and ideal temperatures are needed. You need to be able to control the humidity and growing temperature.

A kit this size and type of material just does not function with the conventional techniques of heating and humidifying.

For more than nine months, our research and development team constructed and evaluated a large number of prototypes.

Convection, infrared heat, and high density fog technologies are used by the final production climate control system and monsoon humidifier to equally heat and humidify the entire area while removing hot spots and temperature and humidity changes.

It’s here: the Mushroom Ecosphere 3.0! For more than seven years, the Ecosphere has been one of our hallmark products. We are always refining and enhancing its design.

We’ve taken comments into consideration over the years, and we genuinely think this most recent edition is the greatest yet!

Many people love developing multiple mediums at the same time, just like us. With a gigantic 5–6 tier greenhouse in the same area, this is the turn-key solution to growing in mass quantities, whether it’s jars, spawn bags, bulk casing trays, or fruiting blocks!

What’s new in Version 3.0?

  • Now standard on EVERY Ecosphere model is our brand-new, specially created Grower’s Select Monsoon Humidifier. This new model generates more than 360 cc of humidity per hour along with a finer vapor of water. It also features a durable ceramic atomizer and a larger 3L tank.
  • Every light is new. You can direct light where you need it with our new COB LED lighting system, which is completely adjustable. More than sixteen feet of light in the ideal spectrum to promote the growth of mushrooms and robust fruiting bodies.
  • An innovative drip liner. The new HDPE drip liner includes barrier walls that are 3″ thick and over 8 mm thick to keep moisture out. Nothing needs to be cut!
  • A sealed brushless motor in an improved fan ensures long-lasting performance in extreme humidity conditions.
  • Improved Exchange of Air. The redesigned humidifier and high flow filter disks allow air to freely enter and exit while maintaining the desired level of humidity.

The Ecosphere is now incredibly simple to use and fully self-automated! The climate control system only has to be placed on the bottom rack. Set the thermostat to the appropriate temperature after plugging it into the new temperature controller! Don’t worry about it! Get ready for an encounter that will alter your life!

A certified electrician constructs and tests each heating system.

Choose your grain spawn! First time growers can now choose 12 of our 32oz 5grain jars if desired! Add a 6th Tier Attic shelf for even more incubating or fruiting room! Maximum recommended substrate capacity or a combination.

Jars only Spawn Bags Casing Trays
8 Cases, 20 Bags, 7 Trays
(96 Jars) (10 orders) (7-Select Casing Mix)


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