Super Pedro (Echinopsis Scopulicola)


Echinopsis scopulicola can reach a height of 4 metres and has lovely flowers that open only at night. It contains the hallucinogenic chemical mescaline, same as the well-known peyote. Echinopsis scopulicola is an excellent addition to a psychedelic garden because it is easy to grow and rewarding to grow.

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Super Pedro (Echinopsis Scopulicola)

Echinopsis scopulicola (FKA Trichocereus scopulicolus) is a species of cactus native to Bolivia. One of several species containing the revered mescaline molecule, it is capable of invoking powerful psychedelic experiences.

The most famous of these cacti is undoubtedly the fabled peyote cactus, probably followed by the San Pedro variety. However, there are numerous cacti that contain mescaline.

The Echinopsis scopulicola cactus can reach heights of up to 4 meters. It has enormous and lovely flowers that open at night and close again in the morning.

This permits them to conserve water in the wild during long, hot, and dry days. Echinopsis-scopulicola has unusually short spines, making it ideal for individuals who prefer their cacti to be less spikey.

Cultivating Echinopsis Scopulicola

Echinopsis-scopulicola should be easy to grow for those who are accustomed to raising cacti and succulents. In reality, it’s a relatively easy plant to grow. It, like many other cacti, tends to dry out slightly between waterings, even wilting significantly. Allowing it to dry in this manner reduces the possibility of mould and fungal illnesses.

During the growing season, repotting and fertilization might aid in growth. Allow the soil to dry out for a week or so after repotting before watering for the first time. This drastically reduces the likelihood of root rot.

Super Pedro (Echinopsis Scopulicola) Data Sheet



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