Magic Mushroom Spawn Bags For Sale

The Magic Mushroom Spawn Bags available from Midwest Mushroom Grow Kits take mushroom growing to a whole new level.

Each bag can generate the equivalent of 8–10 substrate mushroom jars and is the ideal complement to any of our mushroom growing kits! Get started right away by purchasing one of our all-in-one mushroom grow bags.

Mushroom spawn bags were traditionally regarded as a more complex method of growing, but we designed ours to be easier for novices than any others we’ve seen or tested.

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Best Magic Mushroom Spawn Bags

Our mushroom fruiting bags all come with a self-healing spore injector port. And, if you choose our Deluxe Spawn Bag Growing and Casing Kit, you’ll get everything you need to get started growing in bulk!

Many unique types of mushrooms can be grown in our mushroom substrate bags. Examine your country’s laws and restrictions concerning exotic species.

Midwest Cultivate Kits does not support or encourage the cultivation of marijuana by anyone unless their local authorities have given them permission to do so.