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Midwest Mushroom Grow Kits has created a collection of essential mushroom growing kits appropriate for everyone, from novices to professional growers.

Our mushroom beginning kit page features a selection of mushroom cultivation kits. They range from the Simple Mushroom Grow Kit, which is intended for low-key cultivation, to the Monsoon Monster Ecosphere Kit, which is ideal for the serious grower.

Midwest Mushroom Grow Kits has the proper mushroom grow kits for you, no matter where you are on the growing spectrum. Our starter packages include spawn sacks, substrate jars, incubators, and other critical instruments for successful growth.

After you purchase your mushroom grow box, you will directly receive access to our step-by-step video grow tutorial!

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Mushroom Kits with Expert Growing Help!

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The Best Prices

We charge reasonable prices for our products! You get high-quality kits and supplies without the hefty markups that others will slap on every transaction!

Growing Video Tutorials

After you complete your purchase, you will get immediate access to our video growth guides! All of our kits and supplies come with simple step-by-step instructions for beginners.

Yes, growing really is that easy!

  • All new printed guides now included with all kits!
  • Tried and tested growing techniques that anyone can follow!
  • Our sterilized growing medium is 100% guaranteed against any type of contamination!
  • Fully automated kits take the guesswork out of growing!
  • Our kits are designed for MAXIMUM yields!
  • Wholesale and bulk order discounts are available! Contact us here!
  • Thank you to Double Blind Magazine for the shout-out in The Best Mushroom Grow Kits for Growing Easily at Home
  • A new showroom is now open! And order pickup is now available!
  • We stock a full inventory of pressure cookers and commercial autoclaves!

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Home Mushroom Kits & Midwest Grow Kits Spores Online

Midwest Grow Kits is a leading online seller of mycology products for at-home or commercial growth. Our home mushroom kits are ideal for both experienced and inexperienced growers. Our mushroom kits are unlike any others!

The products we offer remove the guesswork from the equation, making mushroom-growing accessible to anybody interested in this interesting and rewarding hobby. Explore our website to get everything you need to cultivate beautiful, tasty mushrooms.

Our mushroom kits include spawn sacks, mushroom jars, containers, drying kits, humidifiers, and other advanced equipment to help you develop your cultivation.

Finally, you can be confident that our mushroom kits for sale have been properly created for optimal harvests. And with our devoted customer service team on your side, you’ll be a growing expert in no time!

We sell commercial autoclaves!

We are an official dealer of Blue Myco Autoclaves. Sterilize up to 600 spawn bags at once with the flagship 1180L Autoclave! Click here to learn more!