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Mondo Grow Kit: Additional Tips For Optimizing Growth

You can easily cultivate magic mushrooms in the comfort of your own home with our Magic Mushroom Grow Kits. Our high-quality growth kits are infected with Cubensis spores and have fully formed mycelium to provide you with the most convenient growing experience imaginable.

Do you want to make the most of your growing kit? Follow these guidelines to ensure that your Mondo Grow Kit’s growing conditions are optimal.

Read the instructions first!

This post will give you extra strategies for maximizing the growth of your mushrooms. Please read the official Mondo Grow Kit Instructions before proceeding with the additional recommendations.

Remember to always use a sanitary procedure! While handling the grow kits, make sure your hands and arms are clean. The more hygienically you work, the less likely contamination is.

How To Set Up Your Mondo Grow kit

Placement:  Your grow kit should be kept high and out of the way, such as on top of your closet, on a high shelf, or on top of a cupboard. Just remember to never leave your grow kit on the ground.

Why? The temperature will be slightly warmer at higher elevations, and the gear will be kept away from people and air movements. Overall, the air is clearer and less contaminated up here. Also, avoid placing the grow kit too close to a radiator, since this will expose it to too much heat.

Clean workplace: Make sure the environment around the grow kit is always clean and disinfected. Make sure the kit is not placed in the bathroom or kitchen because there are a lot of contaminating agents and other molds flying around there. The optimum location would be in the living room or bedroom.

Lighting: Place the kit somewhere where it will get plenty of sunlight. It should have a consistent day and night cycle, but never leave your grow kit in direct sunlight! Direct sunlight will cause the grow kit to overheat.

What to do with the carton box: After removing the grow kit from the fridge, place the entire item inside the cardboard box it came in.

This protects the sides of the mycelium cake from light, increasing the likelihood of your mushrooms growing on top of the substrate rather than on the side.


The grow kit should always be kept between 18 and 28 degrees Celsius. What happens if the temperature is too low? The kit will go into hibernation mode and go to sleep. If the temperature is excessively high, The kit will overheat and either not grow at all or not grow properly.

The recommended temperature range for your gear is 21–24 degrees Celsius. Your mushrooms will be grateful if you can maintain a consistent room temperature.

Our thermo-heating mats are another option for getting the optimum temperature. Make certain that you follow the correct directions in order to achieve the optimal temperature and optimize your yield.

Humidity And Venting (Only For Mondo Grow Kit)

How often should you spray? Mushrooms prefer a moist atmosphere, so water your kit every other day. When there are a lot of water droplets in the bag, it signifies there is enough humidity and the temperature is appropriate.

How do I spray? Spray on the sides of the bag to keep the growing conditions humid. Avoid spraying on the air filters and substrate.

Extra tip for XL kits: You can put a bit of water (100 ml) on the bottom of the grow bag (not in the plastic box with the cake). This will ensure that the kit will remain humid constantly.

How often should you vent? Venting should happen daily for about 2 minutes at a time. Make sure that all of the windows are closed before you open the bag.

How do I vent? Open the bag and push the sides together to push the old air out. Now pull the sides of the bag away from each other again so fresh air is sucked inside. Repeat this a couple of times.

Beware! Do not breathe directly into the bag to prevent contamination.

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