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If you’ve ever consumed psilocybin mushrooms, you are aware of their unpleasant flavour. For many people, consuming magic mushrooms as tea has become the standard approach.

In addition to being a simple way to digest, mushroom tea helps ease discomfort and nausea. Therefore, we suggest using one of our wonderful tea bags to prepare a cup of mushroom tea to enhance your magical experience.

Due to its rapid absorption rate, tea is claimed to accelerate the “shroom experience” and cause you to peak sooner.

If you eat them, the benefits of the tea will wear off half as quickly, even though they might activate more quickly. You may need to think about eating them if you want a stronger feeling.

Magic Mushroom Tea Online Canada Benefits

Magic Mushroom Tea Online Canada has both health and nutritional advantages. Since they are fungi, mushrooms have many health benefits for humans as a whole. That being said, not all fungi are safe; some are better for some things and others for other things.

The safe and palatable varieties of mushrooms are rich in antioxidants and have been shown to boost immunity, lower cholesterol, and enhance digestion. Additionally, some research is examining the fungus’s ability to prevent cancer.

It’s also said that consuming mushroom tea improves mental wellness and reduces tension and anxiety. Different from that, mushrooms have a lot of different health benefits, some of which are exclusive to certain types of mushrooms.

Regarding the nutritional advantages of mushroom tea, it is a good source of potassium (good for blood pressure), selenium (good for the immune system and fertility), copper (needed for healthy red blood cells), and vitamin B (a building block of health).

It is also low in calories, so you don’t have to worry about ruining your diet. Some people consume tea instead of coffee since the reduced psilocybin concentration in some teas won’t negatively impact them repeatedly while providing a little energy boost.

Mushroom Tea Versus Eating ‘shrooms

It all comes down to personal preference and what you hope to gain from your magical mushrooms when it comes to eating, or brewing and drinking them.

Some of the nutrients in your mushrooms will be removed and released into the water when you prepare and soak them for the tea.

The psilocybin in the mushroom works in a similar way, so while the tea contains some psilocybin, it is in much smaller amounts. This also depends on how you manage the processes of brewing, soaking, and preparation.

In the end, you’ll have a wholesome, therapeutic beverage that will soothe your anxiety without making you feel like you need to pass out or that reality is hazy. Once more, the dose determines this.

It’s also critical to remember that consuming tea will have a stronger impact than eating it. This is because the body absorbs liquids more quickly than solids, which take longer.

Due to the rapid absorption rate, drinking tea is thought to trigger the experience and cause you to peak sooner. But if you eat them instead, the effects of the tea will wear off faster, causing the trigger to dissipate more quickly.

On the other hand, you might need to think about consuming them if you want a stronger feeling. Because the mushrooms still contain a higher quantity of psilocybin, eating them raw will make them more potent and provide you with most of the medicinal benefits of the tea, along with a bigger psychedelic impact.

Taste is one last item to think about. Due to their extremely disagreeable taste, mushrooms have a reputation for being less than appetizing or fun to eat.

The answer to this issue is mushroom tea. It won’t taste noticeably better, but it will still be an improvement. You may make it even better by flavouring the tea with lemon or other ingredients.

Magic Mushroom Tea Experience

If you want the peaceful and relaxing effects of mushrooms without having to plan 9 hours out of your day or just don’t want to experience that strong of a dose, taking mushroom tea instead of full edibles is the ideal compromise.

Despite this, the tea is still quite adaptable; you may brew a large pot for a stronger punch or take small doses throughout the day.

Because of this characteristic, people who want to taste mushrooms for the first time but aren’t quite ready to consume the real thing can find that a weak cup of mushroom tea is a nice place to start.

The real experience once the medication takes effect varies somewhat depending on the individual.

The effects of the mushroom tea are reported to be less strong overall, but they will nonetheless provide you with the same overall sensation as eating the mushrooms.

Referring back to the subjectivity of the experience, a lot also depends on your personal emotional condition and mentality.

These variations will have an impact on your feelings during the journey. Despite this, magic mushroom tea is still hallucinogenic, which means it will cause a range of abnormalities in mental and visual perception.

Again, it all depends on your mental state at the moment of intake and the stimuli you come into contact with during the trip. The experience can be both pleasurable and terrible.

Depending on you and how you respond to the affects, the experience might either be mild and fleeting or strong and paranoid.

Magic Mushroom Tea Faqs

Is drinking magic mushroom tea easier on the stomach?

It is much easier on the stomach to drink shroom tea than to eat raw magic mushrooms. If you are easily queasy, shroom tea is a great choice! Naturally, you may purchase pre-made tea bags or achieve a comparable result by steeping raw magic mushrooms in hot water.

How long does mushroom tea take to kick in?

The short answer is that it varies according to your body and metabolism. Having said that, most individuals say that the mushrooms usually become effective 10 to 15 minutes after the first cup is had.

For the majority of customers, the trip can take four to five hours, assuming you are producing a more potent batch.

How many tea bags are in each Seremoni packet?


How long does it take to soak a tea bag?

15 to 25 mins soaking in hot water

What can I do to improve the taste?

You can always experiment by adding different flavours or drinks to the tea if the taste is still off to you. Among tea drinks, lemon water is a highly popular option. Just remember that the tea will get diluted the more ingredients you add.

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