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GetMagic Grow Kits: Grow your own Psychedelic Mushrooms

GetMagic Grow Kits: Do you want to leave your cozy house and go on a fantastical adventure? You only need to look at GetMagic Mushroom Grow Kits!

You may effectively cultivate your own premium psychedelic mushrooms for micro- and marcodosing with these well-made kits.

We’ll discuss the advantages of cultivating your own mushrooms in this blog article, along with the unique features of GetMagic mushroom grow kits.

The Benefits of Growing Your Own Magic Mushrooms

First and foremost, cultivating your own magic mushrooms gives you total control over the caliber and purity of the mushrooms you eat.

You’ll have all you need at your disposal with GetMagic mushroom grow kits, which include pre-sterilized substrate bags, mycelium or spores, and all other required tools and accessories.

Knowing that you are eating only pure magic mushrooms devoid of dangerous additions or toxins gives you peace of mind.

Another inexpensive way to experience these fascinating fungi is to grow your own. Investing in a grow kit can provide you with a steady supply of fresh, high-quality mushrooms instead of breaking the bank by buying them from a dealer or dispensary.

GetMagic Mushroom Grow Kits: A Complete Solution

A one-stop shop for everything you need to cultivate psychedelic mushrooms at home is GetMagic Mushroom Grow kits.

These kits usually include everything you need to effectively produce a range of magic mushroom strains, including all the supplies and instructions.

Mycelium, the primary ingredient needed to grow magic mushrooms, is included in the kits. To help guarantee a good harvest, they also provide accessories like grow bags, growing containers, and other goods.

Growing interest in growing mushrooms for personal consumption has led to an increase in the popularity of GetMagic mushroom grow kits in recent years.

These kits provide an easy and affordable way to cultivate a range of strains without the need for specific tools or training.

They also give people the ability to regulate the quality and purity of the mushrooms they grow, guaranteeing a fun and safe experience.

GetMagic Grow Kits Strains: Which One is Right for You?

GetMagic mushroom grow kits come in a range of Cubensis strains, each according to the user’s requirements and degree of experience. With GetMagic mushroom grow kits, you can cultivate the following strains:

Thai GetMagic kit

Thai: This strain is renowned for its huge, thick stems and quick development. Growers choose it for its great potency and propensity to create large, eye-catching fruiting bodies. Thailand is the origin of the Thai strain.

Colombia GetMagic kit

Colombia: This variety has big, dense fruit bodies that have the potential to be quite strong. It is called for the nation of Colombia, which is thought to be its birthplace. Growers love the Colombia variety because of its robustness and simplicity of growing.

Ecuador GetMagic kit

Ecuador: Known for its potent and enduring effects, this strain is a favorite among psychonauts. It bears the name of Ecuador, the nation in which it was originally found. The large crowns and robust stems of the Ecuador variety are commonly recognized characteristics.

Golden Teacher GetMagic kit

Golden Teacher: This strain stands out for having unusual features like golden-colored caps and a distinctive veil that doesn’t fall off as the mushroom ages.

It is renowned for having potent and perceptive effects and is thought to be a hybrid of multiple P. cubensis strains.

Mazatapec GetMagic kit

Mazatapec: The name of this strain honors the Mazatec people of Mexico, who have a long history of using magic mushrooms for spiritual purposes.

The caps of mazatapec mushrooms have a small point, and their overall structure is wet and thin. One common description of the Mazatapec strain is that it has a contemplative, dreamy quality.

B+ GetMagic kit

B+: This strain can yield big, powerful fruiting bodies and is resilient. Growers like it because of its reliable results and ease of cultivation. Florida, USA, is thought to be the origin of the B+ strain.

Cambodia GetMagic kit

Cambodia: This strain is a favorite among psychonauts due to its rapid development and strong effects. Its huge caps and thick, robust stems are common characteristics, and it is said to have originated in Southeast Asia.

Mexican GetMagic kit

Mexican: Named after the nation where it originated, this strain of P. cubensis is among the oldest strains still in production.

It is renowned for both its strong effects and unusual appearance, with its often wiry and twisted structure and caps that are frequently shaped like cones. Psychonauts love the Mexican strain for its contemplative and hallucinogenic properties.

These P. cubensis strains are a varied and fascinating collection of mushrooms to cultivate and eat, as each one has distinctive qualities of its own. There’s a strain out there for every skill level of grower, from novices to experts!

The Getmagic Grow kit comes with it’s own instructions

Always read the instructions carefully and follow them to the letter.

Step 1: Let’s get started!

Wash your hands thoroughly and clean the outside of the grow kit with a dry cloth.
Remove the lid and save it for step 2.

Step 2: Soaking

Fill the grow kit to the edge with lukewarm water (20 °C), and put the lid back on the
grow kit and let it soak for 5 minutes.

*Important: never soak the grow kit for more than 1 hour.

 Step 3: Drain

Remove the lid from the grow kit and drain the water well. Let the grow kit drain
for 10 seconds.

 Step 4: Humidity

After inserting the grow kit into the grow bag, add a cup (200–250 ml) of warm (20°C) water to the grow bag. Next, fold the bag’s top and secure it with two paperclips.

Step 5: temperature and light

The grow kit should be placed in an area with an average temperature of 20 to 25 °C. Ensure that the grow kit is not situated near a radiator or other heat source, in direct sunlight, or beneath a lamp.

It’s important to remember to keep the bag tight until the first pinheads appear. Up until that point, the bag’s CO2 and humidity levels ought to be as high as possible.

Step 6: Fresh air

Once the first pinheads* appear, spritz the grow kit with a bottle of water and open the grow bag to allow some fresh air to enter each day for a few minutes.

The earliest observable forms of microscopic mushroom tops are pinheads. It may take ten to twenty days before the first pinheads become apparent.

Step 7: Harvest your GetMagic Kit

It is possible to harvest the mushrooms right before the membranes on the underside of the cap split open. Gently grip the stem and rotate it left or right while harvesting. Pull the mushroom out as gently as you can when it becomes loose.

*Important: in order to make way for a new mushroom, the old one must be entirely removed.

You’ve finished harvesting, congratulations. You can now develop another flush of mushrooms by going through steps 4 through 7 once more. It’s now simpler than ever to begin growing mushrooms on your own with GetMagic Mushroom grow kits.

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